About Me

I’m a software engineer living in London. I studied Computer Science student at Imperial College from 2015-2019, spending the summer in 2016 working at Netcraft in Bath, 2017 at Imperial doing a summer research project, and 2018 working at Improbable, which I returned to after graduating, and I worked until early 2021. I now work as a contractor, recently doing work for fintech trading platform Trumid.

If you want to read about the stuff I’ve made, check out my projects page (though it often becomes a little outdates). I’ve also got a GitHub, a LinkedIn, and a Twitter.

Programming has been my hobby and passion since I started coding in Lua on Roblox in 2008, when I was 11. Since then, I’ve been eagerly learning – dabbling in writing back- and front- ends of websites, game engines, server software, Windows applications (including both Win32 and UWP), hardware systems (via Arduino and Raspberry Pi), compilers, and more.

One of my main interests outside of just writing code is programming language theory. I love learning about languages’ object models, and getting a better understanding of how they interact with memory under the hood – both statically at compile-time, and dynamically at run-time.

I like to write code in a bunch of languages. My favourites are, in rough order of comfort and/or recency:

  • C#
  • Go
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • TypeScript (& JavaScript)
  • C
  • C++
  • PHP
  • Haskell
  • Python

Other languages I know or have written significant projects in in the past are, in order of fluency or recent use:

  • Lua
  • Perl
  • Fundamentals of Intel x86 and ARM assembly
  • Dart